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Summer vacation as a kid

When I was a kid my summer vacation was camping. But not in a tent but in a motor the ones that looks like a tour bus. Most of my time camping was inside playing video games or watching cable tv. I didn't go fishing but I did go swimming and riding my bike on the trail. People tell me thats not camping, they say that camping is in the tent sleeping on the ground hearing the crickets. I like my four star camping. But I like to try the tent thing. I hope that it wont hurt my back. When I do go out side I play cards with my grandparents and boy they change the rules on me a lot but I still win. LOL! But the one best thing about camping outside is cooking on the grill all the time. My grandfather makes his coffee on the grill don't ask me how he does it but boy that coffee is great. I think thats where I start drinking coffee is from. He makes pancakes on the grill they are much better on the grill then on the stove. Man I can eat a lot of them. Then lunch comes grill cheese off the grill. Dinner hambugers, hot dogs, steaks, and the most famous of all grilled fish. he tought me how to cook on the grill and I love cooking on the grill. My grandparents and I go camping on the last day of school thats right I don't go to school on the last day I hit the road early in the morning. and we camping all three months and come back from camping on the second day of school I don't go to school on the first and the second day of school. That is fine with me. Well that is my summer vacation. When you have time in your busy schedule think back when you was a kid and the summer vacation.


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Jul. 2nd, 2007 04:35 pm (UTC)

tent camping is *so* not my thing, though

summer vacations ... my Mama homeschooled me in the summer or I went to summer school and day camp. it was always fun - once we visited the Alamo and at least once we drove to CA and went to Disneyland, and once we visited the Painted Desert and an ancient Hopi village and a petrified forest; and the essays she had me write about what we did were kinda fun too in terms of reliving the pleasure. the day camps were boring but rice university had a summer school for jr hi and hs students - my favorites were the marine biology classes because we got to go to the beach, collect plants, seine for shrimp ... once the teacher's friend caught a shark and we got to dissect it, which would have been way more fun if the formaldehyde had worked properly.
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