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New in My life

I live in NY, it's great here and it's almost been a year since I lived in NY. I have great wonderful friends. got a new job I like working there. Well I gotta go feel free to post a comment.

My new place

I have a new apt with some of my coworkers and its really awsome and my back yard is really awsome. My back yard conatains CSX Rail yard and the main line. I have tooken some pics of the yard.

Moving again

Well I am moving again but this time its for work. Nov. 3rd I am leaving to move up to NY. I love my job I'm working at a company that makes turbines but I clean the micheines. While I am there I will be learing how to make turbines. I'm very excited to go. They told me that they are transferring me to NY if that is a problem with that and I told them that is no problem. So I;m ready to go. I already starting packing my stuff.

New in My Life

Since Last Saturday I moved to York Pa to a recovery house and getting help and finding a job. I have been up here almost a week and its a nice little place. and a lot of people here so I can make new friends here. Andd I hope that everyone is doing well.

New with me

Well nothing has much happen lately I committed myself in the Pshyic ward beginning this month and they have given me meds to take. The Doctor told me I had PTSD from Meglimir's passing and before that it was my little brother. Im not going to lie on here its where my friends are. When I was in the ward I talk to a pastor and my godfather SammyD told me if I kill myself I wount see Meglimir and my little brother. Im trying to cope but its to hard to cope losing a mother figure in my life.

New Things

Well I know that I haven't posted in a long time. A lot of things has happen to me. Feb. 24th I flew out from Richmond Airport to go to Omaha. The reason I moved to Omaha to be a head chef in a brand new resturant. SammyD tought me to be a sous chef I never thought being a head chef right away. Sorry for the spelling but I have things to do. take care who reads this.

This is for Robin Meglimir(Robin)

What does Robin mean to me:
Robin, your a mother to me you gave me a life as your own child, but I wasn't your child. You gave me hope and you have never givin up on me. All the things that I have, that you have given me. Your the toughest women that I ever know. Your not suffering anymore and you prove to everyone that you will win this battle and you have. You have given everyone hope and courage. You are always looking down on us from heaven. You have given everyone inspiration on life, and when I have my own resterant it will be dedicated to you and it will be call Meglimir. I will never forget you Robin (Meglimir). You giving me an education and poking me with your poking stick (Cane). You have have giving me a chance to see new things going to PMP meetings (Project Management Professional). I have learned a lot of different things to be a manager. Your not really gone your in peoples minds and heart. They look back with the good times they had with you and bad time that you helped them get through it. I am proud that I am your Godson and also proud that I am your friend and you treat me like your own son.


This Year

This year is coming to an end. I lost my little brother Robert, and now I might be losing a mother figure Meglimir. While Sammy and his sons are at the hospital, I am staying at the house watching the dogs. Friday I went to the hospital I broke down, because the last time I went to the hospital it was in Oct carried into the hospital seeing my little brother. My pastor came to me and ask me if I want to talk. I didn't want to talk to him, but then while I was sitting on the floor in the hallway pastor came to me and he kneeled down beside me and talk to me.
I didn't have the courage to hug Meg, but I wrote a letter to her and Sammy read it to her. A lot of people helping us out, but there is one person that is there for me, and she listens to me what I have to say and helps me. I know this is not God's fault whats happening but there is a message to me about this but I don't know what the message means. Thanks everyone for your prayers and good thaughts.


Are you scared of something? For me I'm not afriad of Death, snakes, spiders. But the only thing that I am afraid of is clowns, I can not stand clowns.

Sad News!

On Monday October 6th, 2008 my little brother has passed away at 12 noon. I went to see him Sunday 5 people carrying me into the hospital, I didn't want to see him in the hospital, so my little buddy has gone but never forget him.